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love it thank you 


I wasn't sure what to expect out of the Diner, looking as cute as it is, but when I went in - oh boy, it was just a ride through and through.

It's rare to see people explore the Yangire trope even in current times, but what surprised me more was how the game throws any expectations you have about it right out the window regardless of the decisions you make.

It's fascinating, and only leaves more questions to be answered.


vary nice



i looked through the comments and turns out this game is quite popular on bilibili, i think. But cool to see. And they are right, this game is cute


i really liked it 

it was very fun to play

I just played a moded version of your game where it's a hookup and you should check it out it's funny! I'm not gonna spoil it but it has a plot twist-

where is it lol

let me get you a link lol here


I am so confused.

Am i a wattpad story protagonist.

What even happened i am so lost.

Love it btw :)



哈哈 😄

Having trouble with the MacOS download, do you know how to fix it? It just stops after the  first line of dialog.




Translate with translation software! Hope it doesn't go wrong hahaha.

I really like this game!! Hope to wait for the follow-up  of the game!!! I really like Akano!!! No one can  refuse Akano's charm!!! Although I can't speak English, it doesn't prevent me from expressing my love for this game!!!

this is so wholesome 🥺




Thank you for the compliment! I'm very happy!




its crazy this was made in a week. i love the colors and the simple plot. endings were a little hard to reach haha but the walkthrough helped and gave little spoilers. great game in all honesty

oya oya, i give this game a 3/10
But a weak little femboy can't hurt me because, Nanomachines son!
It hardens in response to physical trauma, you can't hurt me akano.

the downloads aren't working

Yeah mine to


Holy shit, not what I was expecting. Should have read the disclaimer first lmao. Great game btw; love the style. ^ ^

This short visual novel was pretty cool! I really like the art and simplistic OST :D

great game i luv it 10/10

I've played quite a few visual novels all of different durations and genres, when I saw that it was multi-ending I thought it could be good since that genre is my favorite, the art seemed great I'm not going to deny that it's quite nice, but the story it's a shit and a big one, 1 how is it possible that a skinny short fucking femboy has the strength to knock you out, 2 in the middle of the street with all these people watching and in broad daylight, 3 he doesn't even have a history of background the subject is like, Oh yes I kill because yes, it's not long enough to give you good character development, I don't know why people like it so much it seems like a tremendous shit to me, it's like all the effort is I would have used it only in the drawings, in conclusion, good art, lousy story 5/10. Could have been better.

i want you to create a game like this so you can actually see how hard and difficult it actually is to make one im not saying i can make one but somone actually sat down and made this i agree that it needs some work to do but i think its great

Ok, the game is not good and I understand that someone made an effort to create it, I'll be honest I don't think I can create a visual novel because honestly I don't know how to draw, but something that I praised about his work was especially if I had to divide a visual novel into two parts in the visual this subject would get a 10/10 but the story hardly reaches a 3/10, the problem is how short it is I'm not saying you can't make a good short novel, but the creator didn't manage to create a story So there was no development and the game itself says so, when you select what I did to deserve this, it answers nothing, there is no background, it is just an empty character who says he has been "mistreated" by harming an innocent, you realize they don't even give him a background He only does it to his psychopathy because yes, that's why I gave it a 5/10, it's not good but it's not terribly bad either, it doesn't seem great to me but it isn't the worst either. (If I was a bit aggressive in the previous comment I apologize it was at night I was really looking for a good game so my tired brain reacted quite badly when I was disappointed)/

In my interpretation, what mattered more than Akanos background was the player characters survival. I don't think your meant to empathize with him. I don't think its about how good their writing is, but a matter of taste. I personally find it more intriguing that after all of the endings there's still a lot to be uncovered. And about his strength, (spoilers) there's an ending "She let you go" that could hint to Akano not being human at all. It may just be because the player character caught him off guard that we were able to kill him in one of the endings. And it would also explain his inhumane behavior and lust for blood.

hey genius, this was made as a small project or something like that, it says it on the title screen, I don't think this was supposed to be a 100% fleshed out legit game

Well this went quite disturbing! I'm a huge fan of mixing in cute plus horror. Loved the art style as well. Really enjoyed this one! Here's my gameplay of it...I added in some sound and video effects so if you enjoy my video please consider giving me a sub! Thanks for a great game Vinaera! 

Hey good visual novel I thought the very small differences in how you react leading to very different outcomes was awesome. I couldn't for the life of me find the last ending but that's fine it was really interesting. Here's my playthrough it's first in a compilation.

how do i get onto game?

Very well written and creepy story. Great job!

Short and sweet game, had fun replaying 10/10

I remember watching Gloom play this a long time ago, I played it for myself recently and oh my the nostalgia. I love this game sm <33

Well I felt like there was nothing but a grizzly demise for me. The art was nice and really jarring to the game story, he looked so kind and small and really lured me into playing the game.

I have played this game quite a few times and I have to say, I LOVE IT! 

Opinions on Akano are mixed and I STILL KINDA LOVE HIM?! 

It pretty cool, thou shame we can’t learn more about Akano and why he is .. like this… or I just can’t get all the endings xD 

On vin's toyhouse page you learn why he is like this :) His backstory is shown

Oh thanks!  


sorry, how do i find that page? i'm curious about his backstory too :)

Found it~!

I want him so bad

Just finished the game! I played it with my friend and we found all the endings this is a really awesome game!

Played it and had quite a fun time, what a sweetheart;

Very cool game but it could be a bit longer. I recommend it.

Will you please release a version

for mobile? Like android or IOS

Because I wanna Play it and I don't

Have a Computer or an Apple Phone

I got this game and i love it, i just wish it was longer and you could have more then 5 endings, prob one where you can be in-love with him?

ofc someone would want a game where u boyfriend him

I liked the game but it's maybe too short , maybe you should add some others endings like one to fall in love with him ?

i loved the game, i just wish the gameplay was longer and that we got more time to spend meeting Akano and learning abt his character


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